Inspiring Extraordinary Leaders

"I have enjoyed working with Kevin and Shelley, and admire and trust their efforts to inspire people to live Extraordinary Lives and be Extraordinary Leaders! They support leaders of the heart and mind to be genuine standouts from the crowd! Difference makers! Together they inspire in a way that can transform those they work with, their families, their organizations and the country they live in. This is exactly what is needed for the challenging times we are in."

John Furlong - C.E.O. Vancouver Olympic Committee - Author of Patriot Hearts - Inside the Olympics that changed a country!

Extremely Professional

"Over the years I have engaged the services of Kevin and Shelley as personal coach, facilitator and speaker. I have found them extremely professional, well prepared and committed to meeting the needs of their clients. Kevin and Shelley enable individuals and organizations to reach their potential by asking the right questions and having the critical conversations that lead to success."

Ray Brett - Retired CEO, The Glencoe Club, Calgary, Alberta

Life Changing

"Kevin and Shelley have changed my life. They have helped me create a culture in my school that I only dreamed of for years. I have never enjoyed my work more. They have honed a skill that rebuilds our thinking. They are the masterminds of the mastermind!"

Elke Tobisch, Owner: Hair Art Academy, Surrey, BC

Taking People Farther

"Being a great coach means you have the ability to take someone farther than you can take yourself....That's what Kevin and Shelley do. They coach people to become better leaders and better versions of themselves."

Tom Flick, Tom Flick Communications

Life In Balance

“Extraordinary is infectious! Participation in the Extraordinary Leader program has changed our perspective at the Wianno Club. We are becoming masters of our own destiny and leaders committed to leaving the ordinary in the dust.” The Extraordinary Leader program provides all the keys for leading ourselves and others to achieving extraordinary goals.

"I am so fortunate to have Kevin and Shelley as my professional coaches. They have shown me that life is full of possibility rather than inevitability. Kevin and Shelley passionately pursue the belief that every person can lead an extraordinary life. Find out for yourself, it’s quite a journey!”

“Working with Kevin and Shelley has helped me understand the importance of a life in balance. The Extraordinary Leader program provides the tools needed to achieve that balance.”

“If you have a passion for providing great service, become an Extraordinary leader! Kevin and Shelley will take you on a journey of discovery where you will learn to provide service excellence for yourself, your family, your team and your members or customers.”

Peter C. Davies, CCM, General Manager, the Wianno Club

New Tools For Life

"I have been involved in many personal and business seminars over the years, but Shelley & Kevin have found the right formula for inspiring action. I came away from their sessions with new tools for life & work. Thanks!”

George Hamilton, University Golf Club, Vancouver, B.C.

Passion For Service

"In my previous company I had the privilege of working with Shelley MacDougall and partnered with her as we journeyed through the culture shift to Service Excellence. As we collaborated and dialogued about the journey, I appreciated Shelley's ability to accurately and quickly access the dynamics with the company, her passion for this life of Service Excellence and her strong listening skills. She is very approachable and connects with the people- employees asked me regularly when Shelley could come back for further training development! As one of the leaders and influencers of the company's culture change, it was a pleasure to work with Shelley and I recommend her leadership coaching to any organization." In my new role with a different company, I look forward to partnering with Shelley again!

Landis Jackson, Director Human Resources, EFW Radiology

Praise From Hair Art Academy

"Your presence gives rays of sunshine to all the women in my class. You help us in every way. Thank you."

Teil Grant, Hair Art Academy

"Kevin has this ability to make you talk about subjects you need to talk about whether you want to or not. After he's gone, you think about it and realize he's lifted this huge weight off your shoulders, taught you how to deal with it, and how to move on and grow."

Justine Hayworth, Hair Art Academy

"Kevin's never ending energy is always such an inspiration. His forever happy moods are consistent every time I see him. He has such a great way of being optimistic in what can be a low situation. Thank you Kevin for teaching me to keep the "poison" out of my life."

Maureen Heckley, Hair Art Academy