The Star Within You (Live)

A star…you know that twinkling thing that we admire from afar.

In human terms we see stars as those who shine brilliantly in their field of endeavor. They are people who perform a skill or exhibit a characteristic that we can look at, appreciate, and admire.

Becoming a star and seeing the star qualities in your people, is the first step in preparing to be an “Employer of Choice” that attracts and retains the best.

In this workshop we examine the elements of being a star:

S – See what is needed
T – Tenacious with standards
A – Accountable for their attitude
R – Relentless about reaching results

Participants will engage in an interactive session designed to increase personal awareness, create individual action steps, and enhance accountability. Through real-life examples, small group exercises, and personal reflection, those who attend will leave inspired with the tools to reflect on who they are, where they are going, and how better to lead others.

A comprehensive “star” workbook accompanies participants as they transfer their workshop experience to their own reality.

One-half day