The Extraordinary Leader (Live)

This dynamic workshop is a live version of the year-long innovative leadership program that promotes and develops leadership at all levels of the organization. This session has been developed for all managers and any staff who are interested in defining what Extraordinary can look like in their personal and professional lives. It is based on the premise that being a great leader of people begins with great self leadership.

One of the keys to success as a manager is having a competent and accountable leadership team. As the leadership bar is raised for every leader in the organization, it raises the level of professionalism for every member of the team, the level of service provided by that organization, and the value of every manager on staff! This session raises the bar!

Join us for this powerful, practical leadership program that is designed and delivered from a coaching perspective. Participants will leave with great insights on leadership, having worked though coaching tools and exercises that will bring the learning to life. They will take with them resources and tools to move their organization to the next level of Extraordinary!

One Full Day