Becoming an “Employer of Choice” (Live)

As the economy, workforce and labor markets change, organizations must work hard to attract and retain a trained and motivated team.  While wages need to be competitive, we are finding that workers want more.  They seek opportunities to contribute, develop their skills, be recognized and rewarded, advance when possible, and make a difference.

In this session, we will walk through some of the key elements that your organization may consider in becoming an Employer of Choice. Most of the discussion and exercises will revolve around leadership and personal accountability for results.

Some key components of an Employer of Choice include:

  • Management components – compensation and benefits
  • Staff Hiring, Orientation and Training
  • The Management/Leadership Balance – understanding our roles as leaders in an “Employer of Choice” culture
  • Performance Management  and Recognition (Leading others)
  • Self Leadership
  • Quality of our Workplace

In essence, this session is about attracting and retaining “stars” in your organization!

One-half day