Designing an Extraordinary Year

Do you feel like you are off track? Do you think you are too busy? Do you need help organizing your priorities and goals? Then join us for a KICKSTART Program to ensure you have the best year of your life! This triple-pronged approach will kick off your new year in an Extraordinary way!

Here are the three key areas of focus for this session:

1. The Magic of Reinvention

  • Let go of distractions and clutter
  • Understand your needs and values
  • Create and follow your true priorities

2. The Power of Design

  • Uncover the power of Awareness, Action, and Accountability start
  • Learn to not only set goals… but to ACHIEVE them
  • Evaluate your Environments

3. The Brilliance of the Blueprint

  • Discover the truth about internal programming
  • Apply a new formula to get new results
  • Chart a new course with a crystal clear plan

Join us for this powerful, practical tele-class program that is designed and delivered by coaches. You will be attending three 1 hour sessions via Teleclass! You will be listening, learning and practicing your way to your best year yet — from the comfort of your home or office!